Reflexology is a simple, effective, natural way to help overcome many common illnesses and ailments and enjoy a life of better health.  I discovered Reflexology’s remarkable effectiveness when it helped my young son recover from a chronic, debilitating medical problem that was unrelieved by any of the other medical treatments available.  I knew right away that I must learn Reflexology and start to help others. 

The Reflexology techniques I learned have relieved suffering for a great many people through my own practice for more than twenty five years, and I have been happy to share my knowledge and experience with all who want to learn.  My own school of Reflexology was founded in 1985, and over time I created several important reference books, teaching aids and guides to show my students the methods I found most effective. 

I am delighted that my Reflexology books have been so well received and have proven to be so useful.  They have been translated into seventeen different languages, and more than a million copies have been used by people interested in learning Reflexology around the world.  The fundamental and most comprehensive of my books are available to everyone on this web site.

You can learn Reflexology techniques here that relieve symptoms of a wide variety of adverse health conditions. My books, special charts, and my own personal demonstrations on video will quickly teach you treatments you can use to start the healing process TODAY.  I am also including a section here called “Tips & Techniques”, where I will show you how some specific problems have been treated successfully.

I am sure you will find the Reflexology information here beneficial, whether you are just starting or are seeking advanced treatment methods.  Please take a few minutes to browse through the site.  You will find many items of interest.

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