Our mission is to help as many children and youth as possible by helping the people in their life find the help that their beloved child needs to heal and thrive. Healing Practices to Help Kids Grow Up Easier is the prefect resource to help you find information to help the child in your life. The info in our book has been carefully designed for anyone in contact with challenged children and youth: parents, families, babysitters, childcare teachers, school teachers, judges, police and probation officers. The book deals with over 100 problems and includes information on over 35 healing practices.

Healing Practices to Help Kids Grow Up Easier includes the following challenges faced by our kids.

Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier
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Authored by Marie Mulligan, Richard Geggie and nearly 40 specialist contributors, this book is the perfect resource for families seeking Information about healing practices that are available to help their kids live with or in some cases overcome the challenges they face. The Information in this book has been organized in a way that helps busy parents find the Information they need quickly and easily. Each Healing Practice chapter is arranged in an easy-to-read, bulleted format and each chapter follows the same accessible style. This will be one of the most important resources any household with a child in it can have on hand.
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Each Healing Practice Chapter:

  • Lists the challenges that can be healed or made easier through the use of the practice.
  • Gives a brief description of each healing practice.
  • Includes success stories of children/youth who have benefited from the practice.
  • Offers the contributor’s thoughts on appropriate ages for benefiting from the practice.
  • Lists children/youth’s reactions to the practice.
  • Gives ideas about where extra care is needed using the practice.
  • Lists some of the conditions that are not appropriate for the practice.
  • Outlines brief historical information about the practice.
  • Assists in understanding the practice by highlighting the basic concepts and components.
  • Gives a description of a typical session.
  • Notes the major differences of opinion between practitioners.
  • Indicates typical fees and costs in US dollars, as of 2007, usually in Northern California.
  • Notes the average time per session and suggests the appropriate amount of time between sessions.
  • Gives an approximate idea of how much time it usually takes before improvements of some kind can be expected.
  • Provides practice contributor’s contact information.

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The following healing practices and therapies are included in our book:

by Isaiah Wisdom

Julia Fischer

Attitudinal Healing
by Kathy Harris, Carolyn Smith, Marilyn Robinson

by Marc Halpern, DC, CAS

by William Barton, PhD

Child Psychiatry
by Kristi Panik, MD

Chiropractic Care
by Dr. Lana Surgenor DC

Craniosacral Therapy
by Hugh Milne, DO

Developmental Optometry
by Tanya Mahaphon, OD, FCOVD, FAAO

by Christine Stevens, MT-BC, MSW, MA, Heather MacTavish

by Sandra Wilson, PhD, Robert Tinker, PhD

Environmentally Healthy Homes
by Susan Bahl

Expressive Arts
by Lore Caldwell, LCMHC, ATR-BC

Feldenkrais Method
by Linda Evans-Delman, Russell Delman

Flower Essences
by Katharina Johnson, MD (Austria)

by Karyn Sanders

by Dian Wagner, Randy Jane Reitzes, LVN, CMT, CCHH,
Lisette Narragon, CCH, BRCP

Home Study/Independent Study
by June Nason, MS Ed

by Randi Farkas, MA, MFT

Light Therapy
by John Downing, OD, PhD

by Alan Jordan, BA, LMT, NCTMB, Peggy Farlow, MS Ed, LMT, CIMI

by Heather Sundberg

Music Lessons
by Nicholas Simmons, BA

Nonviolent Communication
by Inbal Kashtan

Nutrition Education
by Paula Bartholomy, MS, CNC

by Carlisle Holland, DO

Precision Teaching
by Elizabeth Haughton, MA

by Peter Carnochan, PhD

Safe School Ambassadors
by Rick Phillips, MS Ed

Support for Parents
by Theresa Beldon, MA, MFTI, Bodynamic Analyst

Traditional Chinese Medicine
by Bob Flaws, L.Ac., FNAAOM (USA), FRCHM (UK)

Western Medicine
by Marie Mulligan, MD

Wilderness Therapy
by Robert Cooley, PhD

by Brenda Bakke, MsEd, PT, CYT

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