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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works the principle that every organ and gland in the body has a corresponding area on the foot or hand.  By working the feet with specific moves, reflexology allows your body to re- balance enabling healing. The theory is that following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body is in a state of “imbalance”, which blocks vital energy pathways preventing the body from functioning effectively, by clearing these blockages through reflexology, homeostasis (natural balance of the body) can be restored.

Reflexology can have the following effects on the body

Revitalise all bodily functions

Calms nerves

Creates inner harmony

Strengthens the immune system

Pacifies overactive glands and organs

Arouses sluggish body parts

Relaxes muscles

Eliminates toxins

Relieves tension and distress

Regulates blood pressure

Eases aches and pains

Reduces swelling & inflammation

Aids wound healing

Energises mind, body & spirit

Conditions that may respond well to reflexology

Back and neck problems inc. sciatica
inner balance
Arthritis and similar conditions such as tennis elbow
Anxiety and stress

High blood pressure

Circulation problems

Prostate conditions
Fertility (read case study and find out more about subfertility and reflexology)

The process of pregnancy & labour (after the 1st 3 months)

Menstrual problems

Prostate problems
Headaches and migraines

Plantar facilitas
Digestive disorders



Gastro- intestinal disorders (including irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulcers)

Ear, eye, nose, throat and sinus problems

Skin problems (including eczema and psoriasis)

Multiple Sclerosis


Parkinson’s disease

Wound healing

How long does it take to see results?

It depends what you are looking for.  Stress relief is very often almost immediate as this is a very relaxing therapy.  

Some of the more deep rooted problems listed above may take more than one treatment.  Most people will start to see some really amazing results within 3 to 6 weekly appointments.

Is there a consultation process?

Yes.  If you have a computer, to save your treatment time, we’ll send you a consultation form to complete before you come along for your reflexology treatment.  This will allow you to detail any conditions you have such as aches and pains, allergies etc.  This form will remain confidential between you and your therapist.  You will need to sign the form to say that you are happy to go ahead with the treatment.

When you arrive we’ll chat through your consultation form to fully understand what you would like to get out of your reflexology and establish any areas that will require additional treatment.    

Where will I be treated?

Your reflexology treatment will be in a comfortable, calm treatment room with soft lighting.

What will happen during the treatment?

During your reflexology therapy, you will be seated in a specialist chair.  You will need to take off your shoes and socks/ stockings.  Then during the treatment we will keep the foot that isn’t being worked on covered with soft towels to keep it warm whilst your other foot is being treated.

We will then begin assessing your feet visually before gently warming up your feet.  Then it will be on to the actual treatment. You will receive treatment to your right foot first, and then your left.  

The emphasis of the treatment content will depend on your individual needs as every reflexology is individually tailored.  We will rework your particular areas of specialist need before finishing off with a warm down & if you have booked a longer treatment, a luxury foot and lower leg massage.

What do I do during a reflexology treatment?

Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, he or she will either move you or will ask you to move as necessary. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It’s up to you. This is your time, whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

During reflexology your body releases toxins. This process can mean that your body temperature can change at any time, so please do say if you become cold. Likewise, if the pressure is too light or hard, then please feel free to say as everyone is different.

How will I feel after reflexology?

Most people feel really relaxed after reflexology, however, most people will then feel rejuvenated and full of energy.  You may experience some aches and pains for around 24 hours after your treatment as the body flushes the toxins that have been released.  In order to speed this process along, drink lots of water after reflexology.

Why would I not be able to have a reflexology treatment?

There are a few illnesses which mean reflexology would not be the best holistic therapy for you.  In this instance, we wouldn’t be able to treat you with reflexology, but there are plenty of other therapies that would be more suitable and we can help and advise you in making the best choice.

What conditions are not suitable for reflexology?

Contagious or notifiable diseases

Immediately before or after surgery

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

Within the first 3 months of pregnancy

Please Note:  Reflexology is a totally safe and complementary treatment (it does not replace medical treatment). If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP prior to treatment

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Hand Reflexology Chart – Simple Self-Help Healing Methods and …

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Although hands are not as commonly used as feet (Foot Chart) in reflexology, it is still helpful on occasion to have a hand reflexology chart.

Hands are a little smaller and not quite as easily oriented to the torso of the body as the feet are. It is not as easy (at least for me) to find exact points. Still, hands are more convenient to work on for yourself and I have found that children love to have their hands massaged. It is very calming and relaxing for them. We all know that there are times that we would love for our kids to calm down a little.

So…. here you go – Printable Hand Reflexology Chart:

Right Hand Reflexology Chart
Left Hand Reflexology Chart

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All Reflexology

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Reflexology is a simple, effective, natural way to help overcome many common illnesses and ailments and enjoy a life of better health.  I discovered Reflexology’s remarkable effectiveness when it helped my young son recover from a chronic, debilitating medical problem that was unrelieved by any of the other medical treatments available.  I knew right away that I must learn Reflexology and start to help others. 

The Reflexology techniques I learned have relieved suffering for a great many people through my own practice for more than twenty five years, and I have been happy to share my knowledge and experience with all who want to learn.  My own school of Reflexology was founded in 1985, and over time I created several important reference books, teaching aids and guides to show my students the methods I found most effective. 

I am delighted that my Reflexology books have been so well received and have proven to be so useful.  They have been translated into seventeen different languages, and more than a million copies have been used by people interested in learning Reflexology around the world.  The fundamental and most comprehensive of my books are available to everyone on this web site.

You can learn Reflexology techniques here that relieve symptoms of a wide variety of adverse health conditions. My books, special charts, and my own personal demonstrations on video will quickly teach you treatments you can use to start the healing process TODAY.  I am also including a section here called “Tips & Techniques”, where I will show you how some specific problems have been treated successfully.

I am sure you will find the Reflexology information here beneficial, whether you are just starting or are seeking advanced treatment methods.  Please take a few minutes to browse through the site.  You will find many items of interest.

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Hand Reflexology Techniques

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500 Formulas for Aromatherapy: Mixing Essential Oils for Every Use …

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How Aromatherapy Can Help Children And Youth

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Our mission is to help as many children and youth as possible by helping the people in their life find the help that their beloved child needs to heal and thrive. Healing Practices to Help Kids Grow Up Easier is the prefect resource to help you find information to help the child in your life. The info in our book has been carefully designed for anyone in contact with challenged children and youth: parents, families, babysitters, childcare teachers, school teachers, judges, police and probation officers. The book deals with over 100 problems and includes information on over 35 healing practices.

Healing Practices to Help Kids Grow Up Easier includes the following challenges faced by our kids.

Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier
Price – $35.00
Click here to download the e-book for only 9.99!

Authored by Marie Mulligan, Richard Geggie and nearly 40 specialist contributors, this book is the perfect resource for families seeking Information about healing practices that are available to help their kids live with or in some cases overcome the challenges they face. The Information in this book has been organized in a way that helps busy parents find the Information they need quickly and easily. Each Healing Practice chapter is arranged in an easy-to-read, bulleted format and each chapter follows the same accessible style. This will be one of the most important resources any household with a child in it can have on hand.
476 Pages Softcover
2.34 ibs
Status: Available on Amazon.

ebook for 9.99

Each Healing Practice Chapter:

  • Lists the challenges that can be healed or made easier through the use of the practice.
  • Gives a brief description of each healing practice.
  • Includes success stories of children/youth who have benefited from the practice.
  • Offers the contributor’s thoughts on appropriate ages for benefiting from the practice.
  • Lists children/youth’s reactions to the practice.
  • Gives ideas about where extra care is needed using the practice.
  • Lists some of the conditions that are not appropriate for the practice.
  • Outlines brief historical information about the practice.
  • Assists in understanding the practice by highlighting the basic concepts and components.
  • Gives a description of a typical session.
  • Notes the major differences of opinion between practitioners.
  • Indicates typical fees and costs in US dollars, as of 2007, usually in Northern California.
  • Notes the average time per session and suggests the appropriate amount of time between sessions.
  • Gives an approximate idea of how much time it usually takes before improvements of some kind can be expected.
  • Provides practice contributor’s contact information.

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The following healing practices and therapies are included in our book:

by Isaiah Wisdom

Julia Fischer

Attitudinal Healing
by Kathy Harris, Carolyn Smith, Marilyn Robinson

by Marc Halpern, DC, CAS

by William Barton, PhD

Child Psychiatry
by Kristi Panik, MD

Chiropractic Care
by Dr. Lana Surgenor DC

Craniosacral Therapy
by Hugh Milne, DO

Developmental Optometry
by Tanya Mahaphon, OD, FCOVD, FAAO

by Christine Stevens, MT-BC, MSW, MA, Heather MacTavish

by Sandra Wilson, PhD, Robert Tinker, PhD

Environmentally Healthy Homes
by Susan Bahl

Expressive Arts
by Lore Caldwell, LCMHC, ATR-BC

Feldenkrais Method
by Linda Evans-Delman, Russell Delman

Flower Essences
by Katharina Johnson, MD (Austria)

by Karyn Sanders

by Dian Wagner, Randy Jane Reitzes, LVN, CMT, CCHH,
Lisette Narragon, CCH, BRCP

Home Study/Independent Study
by June Nason, MS Ed

by Randi Farkas, MA, MFT

Light Therapy
by John Downing, OD, PhD

by Alan Jordan, BA, LMT, NCTMB, Peggy Farlow, MS Ed, LMT, CIMI

by Heather Sundberg

Music Lessons
by Nicholas Simmons, BA

Nonviolent Communication
by Inbal Kashtan

Nutrition Education
by Paula Bartholomy, MS, CNC

by Carlisle Holland, DO

Precision Teaching
by Elizabeth Haughton, MA

by Peter Carnochan, PhD

Safe School Ambassadors
by Rick Phillips, MS Ed

Support for Parents
by Theresa Beldon, MA, MFTI, Bodynamic Analyst

Traditional Chinese Medicine
by Bob Flaws, L.Ac., FNAAOM (USA), FRCHM (UK)

Western Medicine
by Marie Mulligan, MD

Wilderness Therapy
by Robert Cooley, PhD

by Brenda Bakke, MsEd, PT, CYT

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